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Episode 58, Doctor Who S10E5 “Oxygen”

Continuing our coverage of Doctor Who, we give our input on season 10 episode 5, “Knock knock”. James, Damaris and Omega are “The Familiars”, reviewing the episode for those of you who are very familiar with the series. Beth is “The Nostalgian”, reviewing the episode as someone who grew up watching Doctor Who in England, but hasn’t been keeping up with the last 10 years. And Leeya and Tom are “The Newbians”, brand new Whovians who just getting into the show with no prior experience. So whatever your degree of involvement with the show up to now, we have someone who will represent you!

Ready to hear us ramble on about random things rather than ramble on about Doctor Who things? Go to the Things and Stuff segment at 42:33. We richochet into Attack on Titan, Comicon Portland, Orphan Black, bullying on social media, the board game Mysterium, Everything Everything, A Very Potter Musical, Glee, The Edge of Seventeen, Pokemon Sun and Moon, Pokemon Go, Game of Thrones spinoffs, the Elon Musk biography, Saturday Night Live, and Twin Peaks.

And for any Attack on Titan fans out there, definitely listen through to the end of the bloopers this week. Beth has a revelation that will change your world forever.

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