Friday , May 26 2017
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Lies Be Told-Episode#120 Pokemon Go 11

I jump right into Pokemon Go 11 so if you haven’t listen to my first ten listen to them first. I discuss my tenth month of playing Pokemon Go and all the things I have learn: gym related, lucky eggs, what I was doing right and wrong in the game, Generation 2 pokemon being add, the new evolution things and a trick to getting them, why I am not really working to get to level 40, and stuff yet to come in the game, and so much more so listen up. If you want more of my stuff check my website, and my social-> twitter/instagram/ dmitryythegreat , snapchat: dmitryythegreat facebook: dmitry yelensky, I as always want to give you more so check it join my weekly newsletter to get even more…c8d90e3

Streamed by Dmitry Yelensky

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